Toy Dog Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions.

What time can we drop off/pick up our dog?


As a guide we encourage you to arrive between 1pm and 5pm on drop off day and we ask that you pick up your pet between 10am and 12pm on departure day. We can be flexible (within reason) on these timings.


Can my dog sleep in his/her own crate/pen?


Yes, we will act on your instructions. If your pet feels happier in a crate overnight we can accomodate this. All dogs are separated at food times and sleep times for their own comfort. We encourage you to call us and arrange a complimentary pre stay tour.


Does my dog need to be innoculated/vaccinated before staying at Toy Dog Hotel?


Yes please. As a condition of our licence we are required to keep proof of this on file.


Can my dogs sleep together?


Yes. We have flexible accomodation and can allow one, two or three dogs from the same household to sleep together. Your dogs will be separated from resident dogs and other guest dogs for sleep times and meal times.


What are the payment terms?


A 10% non-refundable deposit secures the reservation. Until a deposit is paid a reservation cannot be confirmed and we operate on a 'first come first served' basis. The balance is due one month before arrival. If you decide to cancel your payment is is non-refundable if cancellation takes place within the two weeks prior to scheduled arrival and 50% refundable if cancellation takes place 2-4 weeks before arrival. If you book within one month of arrival the full amount is due immediately to secure the booking. Full terms and conditions (The Service Agreement) will be given to you prior to booking.


Can we come for a tour before booking?


Yes. Not only do we positively encourage this, it is a requirement of our licence that every dog comes for a pre stay acclimatisation visit before their FIRST stay. This visit is complimentary and gives us an opportunity to assess your dog's sociability and suitability to be boarded with our resident dogs (and where applicable other guest dogs) and EQUALLY it gives YOU the opportunity to decide if Toy Dog Hotel is the right place for your dog(s), you are under no obligation. Visits generally take around 45 minutes.


What breed of Dogs do you accept?


We accept most TOY breeds subject to meeting them and completion of a satisfacory pre stay acclimatisation visit (which is complimentary and also a condition of our licence). We might not be able to accept your dog if he/she is aggressive/unsociable or if he/she is particularly boystrous* (*in the case of larger toy breeds) particularly where we have a tiny guest already booked in. We will require your signed agreement that you are happy for your dog to stay with our resident dogs and other guest dogs.


Will you accept a puppy?


It used to be that we could only accept dogs over six months however the Local Authority have relaxed this rule provided that every dog  completes a pre-stay visit and is deemed suitable by all parties.


Will you accept an elderley/ill dog which requires special care and/or medication?


Yes. We will endeavour never to reject a dog simply because it is elderly, infirm, ill or needs special care/medication. We will always give the appropriate care, kindness and consideration to your beloved pet(s), including quiet space where necessary. We will require specific written instructions and a demonstration as to how to administer medication and may decline to offer discounts if significant extra care is required. There will be a couple of extra forms for you to sign which we will provide before you book (Vet release Form, Permission to Give Medication Form).


We appreciate that some dogs are fussy about eating. We will feed your dog as instructed.