Toy Dog Hotel

What we offer.

A 'toy dog' enviroment staying with other pre-vetted and pre-approved small dogs.


Local Authority approved, risk assessed 'Dog Proof' accomodation.


A 'home from home', your dog(s) stay in our home and join our little family for their stay, we are 'home boarding' as opposed to 'kennels'.


Large secure enclosed fenced 'inner' garden for playtimes.


All Dogs have their own individual sleeping and eating quarters within our home for their stress free enjoyment.


Complimentary pre stay tour (by appointment only).


We are NarpsUK Registered, Insured. Local Authority Licenced.


SIMBA the resident Chihuhua.

Call us to arrange a no obligation, complimentary tour of the Toy Dog Hotel.


Mark 07789 154054.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions, click here.